Lamb Meatballs + Kelp Noodles

A few weeks ago I went grocery shopping at our favorite local health food store while hungry and I bought kelp noodles! I had never heard of kelp noodles and I had no idea if they were any good but I read the ingredients and saw that they are simply kelp! I think reading “neutral taste” on the package also helped in my decision to purchase the bag of kelp noodles. I’m always looking at the “gluten free” noodles just in case they happen to be grain free as well!!

The package had been sitting in my pantry for quite some time, mainly because I haven’t made many dishes lately that are traditionally served with noodles/pasta. The other night we were in a bind for food so we went to one of the grocery stores down the road (our choice health food store is 20ish mins away from home) where we are really limited on protein. They have their healthy brand of meat (not organic, but all natural, hormone free, blah blah blah) and they have a grass-fed selection of beef and lamb. Sadly during this trip there were no grass-fed steaks, just ground beef. Neither of us were feeling ground beef so we went with ground lamb.

My default ground lamb recipe comes from Primal Palate. I usually throw an onion into the lamb mixture and I have never been able to find mint pesto, so I use traditional pesto. I got really excited to make these lamb meatballs over a plate of kelp NOODLES. My husband was apprehensive about the kelp so I only made enough for myself.


David had his meal served over a bed of broccoli while I went all-in on the kelp noodles. They really don’t taste like anything so it’s a nice healthy noodle alternative (read about the benefits here). I’m so excited to use these in like Asian stir-fry and curry dishes! Oh, primal pad Thai is happening soon!! Notice how I do not plan on eating them in like raw salads, as seems to be popular among the vegan crowd (Google “kelp noodle recipes” and you’ll see what I mean). Room temperature kelp noodles just do not sound appealing.


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