Shake ‘N’ Bake Pork Chops

Recipe via Primal Palate! The recipe can be found here.

Their website is full of many gems.

So here’s how this all went down– we’re going to go way, way, back. I subscribe to emails from Flo Living, thanks to my sister-in-law referring me to their site after talks of wanting to balance my hormones, and in April they sent out an email about PCOS and Endometriosis. I read the email and clicked on the link provided to learn how to avoid ovarian cysts because OUCH who wants those?! On the webpage there are three steps that can be taken and one of them is to make sure that we are getting the right micro-nutrients to break down estrogen.


It is a great post and provides of list of veggies to eat in order to achieve a normal cycle. I think there is an entire list of food from every group but you have to pay for the program or maybe buy a book.  I don’t know. Since I follow the primal lifestyle already my body is mostly there, but not quite. I have very mild PCOS symptoms, and I think that the fact that they’re only mild can be attributed to my mostly whole foods diet and lack of processed sugars and grains (though every so often….you just gotta eat some Oreos haha). I used to have more severe symptoms up till I was 23, which is when I began eating grain-free.

Last week I began working on a personal meal plan because why the f would I pay for a list of food created by someone else when I am fully capable of figuring out a plan for myself? At first I was sticking random meals all over the place and then I remembered the whole eating with my cycle thing and that helped me organize the meals! In my current phase I need to be eating cauliflower, daikon, parsnip, collard greens, onions, squash and sweet potatoes. I did my grocery shopping a few days ago and purchased these veggies.

Now about last night’s dinner….

I bought a thing of collard greens and last night I had to look up how to cook them. I’ve never done it before!  I found a simple recipe from Martha Steward–Sauteed Collard Greens with Garlic.

Also, I have never cooked pork chops. When we have them for dinner, my husband cooks them and he makes them peeeeerfect. Even if he showed me how he does it, I would not be able to replicate it. It’s like when I made a salad vs when he makes a salad. We use the same stuff but he’s got this magic touch that makes it amazing. Anyway when I searched for recipes via Pinterest all I was finding was glazed recipes– maple, balsamic, honey….every type of glaze you can imagine. I don’t need my pork chops sweet. I finally used Google and typed Primal Palate Pork Chops and opened another page typing PaleOMG Pork Chops.Obviously we know I went with one of Primal Palate’s results.








It doesn’t look like much….because it isn’t lol I should have purchased a few more bunches!!




And here is the final product! The meat-to-veggie ratio is horrendous, that’s my fault. Now I know that I need to buy a lot more collard greens in order to make a heaping pile.

It was a fantastic meal that I will definitely make again in the future! It requires simple ingredients, it was a simple process and it was delicious. My only regret is that we didn’t have more collards because they were garlicky good!



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